Closing the loop for McDonald’s waste in Northern Ireland

Our molded fiber facility in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, is partnering with Delta Packaging Ltd to reuse and  recycle off-cuts in the production process to reduce McDonald’s waste kilometers by up to 20,000 each year.

General Manager at Huhtamaki Lurgan Philip Woolsey alongside McDonald’s franchisee Des Lamph and Director of Delta Packaging Ltd Neal McCone

The waste trimmings from the manufacture of McDonald’s carton packaging are now transported from Delta’s headquarters in Belfast to Huhtamaki Lurgan, just 30km away. Huhtamaki then processes and remanufactures the McDonald’s carton by-product into molded fibre products. Lurgan facility is the sole supplier of McDonald’s cup carriers for the UK and Ireland market.

Philip Woolsey, General Manager at Lurgan, says: “Our partnership has allowed us to provide McDonald’s with a ‘closed loop’ solution for a more traceable, environmentally and financially efficient method of transporting and recycling waste. As a result, the cup holders we supply to McDonald’s are made from 100% locally sourced recycled material.”

Huhtamaki Lurgan specializes in the production of molded fiber products, such as egg cartons and cup carriers, which are then supplied to major players within the food retail industry such as Noble Foods, Asda and more locally, Skea Eggs.

“We have configured a number of bespoke machines in order to accommodate the growing demands of customers who increasingly want to produce a high quality product that is both economically and environmentally viable. A number of our employees who contributed to this process now lead other green engineering teams at Huhtamaki across the world.”