02.07.2018 Huhtamaki publishes 2018 Half-yearly Report on July 20, 2018
04.06.2018 Huhtamaki has completed the acquisition of Ajanta Packaging
31.05.2018 Huhtamaki acquires the majority of CupPrint in Ireland
30.04.2018 Huhtamaki has sold its confectionary trademark portfolio
30.04.2018 Huhtamaki acquires the majority of an Australian foodservice packaging distributor
24.04.2018 Huhtamaki has published its Corporate Responsibility Report and Non-financial information for 2017
04.04.2018 Huhtamaki publishes Q1 2018 Interim Report on April 25, 2018
23.03.2018 Huhtamaki to strengthen its labeling business in India
26.01.2018 Huhtamaki expands to paper bag manufacture in Poland
24.01.2018 Huhtamaki publishes 2017 Results on February 14, 2018
28.12.2017 Huhtamaki to further improve its competitiveness in China
13.11.2017 Huhtamaki invests in a new manufacturing facility in Hämeenlinna, Finland
05.10.2017 Huhtamaki publishes Q3 2017 Interim Report on October 26, 2017
07.09.2017 Huhtamaki completed the acquisition of foodservice units in China
30.06.2017 Huhtamaki publishes 2017 Half-yearly Report on July 21, 2017
29.06.2017 Huhtamaki strengthens its position as the leading foodservice packaging provider in China
18.05.2017 Huhtamaki awarded for Winning Quality and Service by Unilever
26.04.2017 Huhtamaki has published its Corporate Responsibility Report 2016
25.04.2017 Huhtamaki signed a Schuldschein loan agreement
24.04.2017 Huhtamaki's Molded Fiber business segment to be called Fiber Packaging
21.04.2017 Huhtamaki vacates and sells a facility in China
06.04.2017 Huhtamaki publishes Q1 2017 Interim Report on April 27, 2017
03.03.2017 Huhtamaki invests to grow its foodservice business in Eastern Europe
25.01.2017 Huhtamaki publishes 2016 Results on February 15, 2017
19.01.2017 Food and drink at the core of our Worldstar Award winning flexible packaging innovations
23.12.2016 Huhtamaki extends the maturity of EUR 400 million syndicated revolving credit facility for a further period of one year
22.11.2016 Huhtamaki Capital Markets Day 2016: Growing into the preferred global food packaging brand - next steps
25.10.2016 Huhtamaki invests to boost growth in its Flexible Packaging business segment
12.10.2016 Huhtamaki Future SmartTM - Our first 100% renewable paper cup
05.10.2016 Huhtamaki publishes Q3 2016 Interim Report on October 26, 2016
19.09.2016 Huhtamaki sets up a manufacturing unit to serve the U.S. west coast markets
16.09.2016 Huhtamaki invests to grow in China
30.08.2016 Huhtamaki single use cups receive the appreciated Nordic Ecolabel
22.07.2016 Huhtamaki enters the foodservice packaging market in India
04.07.2016 Huhtamaki's Group Disclosure Policy published
21.04.2016 Huhtamaki’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 published
19.04.2016 Huhtamaki expands in Russia
16.02.2016 Huhtamaki adds capacity in Germany
22.12.2015 Huhtamaki investing in new capacity in Northern Ireland
26.11.2015 Huhtamaki expands in the UK
27.10.2015 20 years of operations in Thailand
22.04.2015 Huhtamaki’s Sustainability Report 2014 published