Coaching is a good way of improving and engaging

“The main goal of the coaching program is to deepen a culture of collaboration within the teams and to develop leadership skills and communication.”

So says HR Manager Trang Ha from Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging in Vietnam, where a series of coaching sessions were carried out as a new tool for organizational development.

“The basic idea is that each coach-trainee pair selects an area for improvement with regards to individual or team performance. The topics can range, for example, from improving negotiation skills with suppliers or communications with customers, to ways for minimizing waste. The issue is then worked on in coaching sessions, with proposals for action from the trainees, and wrapped up at the end of the coaching where a timeline for putting the action into practice is also set,” Trang says.

In Trang’s view, the overall aim of the training is to support a winning culture and to engage everyone in the process.

“We have already achieved a concrete improvement in the way our team leaders have committed to delivering monthly training sessions. Everyone has certainly learnt a lot from each other. I would be happy to see professional coaching become a permanent part of the company culture.”

Learning and improved efficiency

At the Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging site in Vietnam, the method has improved efficiency.

One coach-trainee pair chose to work on improving machine downtime and increasing output for tandem extrusion. As a result of a two-month period of coaching, they were able to reduce the downtime and increase its output on the tandem extrusion machine by even more than the original target of 10%.

Another coach-trainee pair worked on improving negotiation skills. The aim was to extend suppliers’ payment terms.

After understanding and utilizing the steps and tools for professional negotiation, such as data collection, fact based analysis and best alternative solutions, they managed to reach the desired result in an actual negotiation situation.

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