A cup is a cup is a cup? How to design a eye-catching double wall hot cup

As the quality of beverages from hand-brewed artisan coffees to matcha lattes continually increases, so do the requirements and quality expectations for the cups. The Huhtamaki double wall embossed cup was created to support this growing trend — offering countless possibilities for use, unique designs and bespoke messaging. But what should be taken into account when designing a cup and what can we learn from the most iconic brands?

Double wall embossed cup — double the benefits

Fast moving lifestyles and urbanization have increased the popularity of take-away coffees and other hot drinks, and the trend is now spreading all around the world. Because our double wall embossed cups offer better heat insulation than regular cups, they are especially popular for take-away coffees. The cup is liquid proof, steady and protects hands from hot beverages, allowing consumers to enjoy them safely anywhere.

The extra sleeve surrounding the cup offers a great range of design possibilities. This extra surface allows brands to mix-and-match embossed patterns and prints to create a variety of designs. With bespoke messaging, brand owners can trademark their own cup design and visually enhance their brand by creating designs that are recognizable from a distance.

Understated designs get you noticed

There are a few details you should consider when designing a cup to support your brand and catch the eyes of the customers. As in many cases in life, less is more — and the same applies when it comes to designing the look of your double wall embossed cup.

“We can do unique embossing to match our customers’ logos and patterns on their websites, for example. Still, the maximum impact is obtained when you keep the design as plain as possible and don’t make it too complex”, says Brian Hooker, Design & Repro Manager for Huhtamaki Gosport.

“Some of the most iconic brands use simple, easily recognizable designs, which are easy to see from a distance. Many of our customers have noticed this and thus have started moving towards more simple combinations of emboss and prints.”

There are some rules defined by production that must be followed when producing a cup that also affect the final design. For example, there are standards for the directions and the spacing between embosses necessary to retain optimal structure for the finished cup.

Next time you see one of our double wall embossed cups in the world or enjoy your take-away coffee, consider all the careful thought that went into this beautiful, everyday object. From its carefully chosen raw materials to its streamlined manufacturing process to its simple logo, our cups are designed with consumers’ ease and modern brands in mind.

Our double wall hot cups can be recycled in facilities that have plastic film separation as part of the fiber recycling process. Recycling is the best and preferred end-of-life option for all paper cups. If recycling is not possible, cups can also be incinerated with energy recovery.

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