Introducing Mahuwa Masalia, enjoying her short term international assignment in Ronsberg

Mahuwa Masalia, Senior Manager - Innovation at Huhtamaki PPL India, is an Indian national who started her career with Huhtamaki around 13 years ago.  A post graduate degree with specialization in physical chemistry and a diploma in packaging and marketing management, she has  around 17 years of work experience in the packaging industry.

Mahuwa is currently in our manufacturing unit in Ronsberg, Germany for a short term international assignment and is working with a project team involved in developing tools for innovation and sharing knowledge and the best practices in both countries.

Support from the closest people makes transfers possible

"When this assignment came up I was super excited as I felt this would broaden my outlook and give exposure to new kind of work environment and help me develop myself as a better person both professionally and personally.  I would like to convey my sincere thanks to my seniors for showing their confidence in me and also my subordinates for releasing me from my current responsibilities," replied Mahuwa when asked about her reaction to this opportunity. 

 "My husband has been extremely supportive, too, especially when I took up this international assignment and so are my two children, a boy of 18 years and a girl of 9 years. Owing to my children's academic schedule, they could not join me. Can't thank my parents enough who have stayed back with my family in India to look after my children, especially my daughter, so I can concentrate on my job here", says Mahuwa with a smile.

"Yes, challenges are always there but I had the confidence to handle these and of course I got excellent support from the people around who helped me settle down. The biggest challenge for me personally was to drive the car on the other side of the road and crossing the language barrier. I have been travelling in different regions and being a foodie it’s not very difficult to survive, though here the food is a lot different from Indian food.  A great learning experience! I personally feel very strongly that if you are ready to go out of your comfort zone and accept new challenges, even though at times you feel low, with will power and confidence one can conquer the world" concludes Mahuwa.