Working for growing the export business


Nicole Duggan, an Australian national, joined Huhtamaki as Key Account Manager for Huhtamaki Oceania business unit located in Sydney, Australia, almost a decade ago.

During her journey, Nicole has managed key global accounts within Oceania, developing strategic relationships with customers. Since May 2017, Nicole has taken up a new international assignment in Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Thailand, taking care of international export business.

"At the university I studied both a Post Graduate degree in Commerce, and a Bachelor of Business degree, specializing in marketing and HR. About 15 years ago, I crossed over from marketing into an account management role, and have not looked back. With the exciting ongoing expansion in the Asia region, there are some excellent opportunities to really make a difference”, Nicole comments.

"The team here has been fantastic"

"On a personal level, I moved with my young daughter in April and my partner will join us on a permanent basis by end of this year. My mum has been a great support, moving with us for three months to help us settle in. The team here has been fantastic - very helpful and supportive. I am learning Thai externally and from my coworkers; and am a teacher when my local colleagues want to learn English, so it’s both a fun and educational experience", smiles Nicole.

"Relocating can have its ups and downs and I remember moments when I have felt really lonely, scared or had major challenges with no one close to share with. It’s these moments that just add to the overall experience and learning. The new colleagues and friends, the amazing Thai food, the fantastic sights, sounds, smells and adventures far outweigh the challenges.

It’s important to have a sense of humor because things can and will go wrong. It’s how you deal with them that makes it memorable. I feel very privileged that my family and I have this incredible opportunity, and I cannot wait to see what the next few years bring. I encourage anyone who is lucky enough to be asked to take up a global work opportunity to grab it with both hands and enjoy the ride!”, adds Nicole.