Introducing Vorrasiri Issaranawat enjoying her international assignment as GM Vietnam since April, 2017

Vorrasiri Issaranawat is a Thai national with a strong background in logistic and supply chain management.  She joined Huhtamaki in January 2001 as Customer Service Manager and moved onto become Planning Manager within a span of 2 years.  Gradually, new responsibilities and challenges were presented, which Vorrasiri was happy to take onboard. She held various positions like Logistics Manager followed by Supply Chain Manager, Plant Manager in early 2012 and then Quality Director.  Since April 2017, Vorrasiri has worked as General Manager, Vietnam.

"Vietnam has a very dynamic working environment. We have a young hardworking team that is fast to learn. Communication is very straightforward and open. Sometimes we have long conversations before reaching an agreement, but we align ourselves to finalize solutions and actions,” Vorrasiri comments.


Adapting to new environments

“There are always some challenges in adapting to new environments. I had to learn and understand Vietnam's laws and regulations quickly to be able to run the business smoothly and do compliance, " comments Vorrasiri and adds: "I had a few challenges with the local language as well, but I am coping pretty well now. The people here are very friendly and especially my team is almost like a second family to me."


"I would like to encourage everyone who has an opportunity to work in different sites, locations or countries, do not let this good opportunity pass. You can explore new experiences, new friends and new cultures etc. This kind of an assignment is very beneficial. I have been able to share some good experiences from Thailand with Vietnam, and in the meantime learn many good things from Vietnam that I will share with Thailand. This will encourage our overall collaboration within Huhtamaki," Vorrasiri concludes.