Global Executive Team

The GET supports the CEO in the management of the Group and its businesses. It addresses and follows the implementation of the Group strategy and overall financial performance as well as the fulfillment of significant projects and set targets. The GET has no formal status under company law. The GET consists of the CEO as the Chairman and the executives approved by the Board. The GET members report to the CEO. Each GET member has a clear operational responsibility within a Global function or a business segment. The GET convenes at least once a month.

The following persons belong to the GET:

Jukka Moisio
Thomas Geust
Sami Pauni
Teija Sarajärvi
Petr Domin
Clay Dunn
Olli Koponen
Eric Le Lay

Shares owned by the GET members on Dec 31, 2017


The shareholdings include the Company’s shares owned by the GET members and by any potential corporations over which a GET member exercises control. GET members do not own any shares in any other Group companies than the Company.

Information on the remuneration of the GET members is available in the Remuneration Statement issued and published in connection with the Directors’ Report and available in section Remuneration.