Megatrends shaping our and our customers' agendas

More people:

The global population is growing rapidly. At just under seven billion people today, it's predicted to be eight billion within the next 15 years. China and India alone will account for 35% of this, and 25% of global GDP. With rising populations, we can expect parallel growth in packaged food and drink products.

More global:

The pace and scale of globalization poses fundamental questions on how we should manage our planet's limited resources. Globalization enhances market efficiency and competition, creating more options for consumers to choose from. We're well placed to help our customers reach more consumers, whilst helping them meet their sustainability agendas.

More urban:

Where and how we live is changing. 50% of us live in cities today – this will be 60% by 2030, with growth coming in the expansion of the megacities in emerging countries creating the need for convenient, packaged foods at home, at work, and at leisure. And 80% of the global middle class will live in countries currently described as "developing". With greater disposable incomes, pre-packaged food and drink will become everyday necessities rather than luxury purchases.

More sustainable:

The environmental impacts of food production, transportation, and consumption all over the world are significant and increasing with population growth. Packaging plays an important role in protecting the product from the producer to the consumer. At Huhtamaki we know the reputation of our customers' brands depends on our own capability to work and act sustainably.

Growth opportunities in our target markets

Developing and emerging markets

  • Growth 5-6%

  • Four billion people

  • Average purchase power USD 8,000 /capita

  • How we'll grow: Basic GDP growth and higher disposable income, advances in modern retail, and away-from-home consumption

Developed markets

  • Growth 0-1%

  • 1 billion people

  • Average purchase power USD 35,000 /capita

  • How we'll grow: market share gains, category changes, substitution, and innovation

Other countries

  • Growth approx. 5%

  • Two billion people

  • Average purchase power below USD 2,500 /capita

  • How we'll grow: Stay alert for future growth opportunities