Our business strategy

Our business strategy sets out how we'll be successful, in the context of the trends that are driving change for our customers and for us.

Our ambition - what we want to achieve:

The preferred global food packaging brand.

Our purpose - why we're in business:

Helping great products reach more people, more easily.

Behaviors and attitudes that'll help us achieve our ambition:

Consistency, collaboration, global & local, passion to lead

Actions we're focused on to achieve our ambition:

Focus on food: We'll concentrate on our core – consumer food and drink packaging – and related packaging where our expertise in food contact is relevant.

Grow with our customers: We'll actively seek to enter new markets with our existing customers, grow our business there with local customers, and firm up our position in developed markets.

Innovation: We'll grow through innovation and acquisition. New products, applications, and structures and products will contribute 25% of our net sales.

Efficient structure: We'll keep developing our organization, building centralized capability in core functions and sharing best practice to support our local operations.

Multicultural: We'll remain a truly multinational company, opening up exciting development opportunities for colleagues across our business.

Engaged people: We'll keep everyone up to date with the change we want to make and involve them effectively, to deliver the same high standards to customers around the world.

Our values - underpinning and guiding everything we do:

  • We know our business
  • We treat the world with respect
  • We like to get it done