What makes a good Huhtamaki leader?

We value leaders that are ready to build our business, drive for results, are good at planning and organizing; leaders that inspire and motivate, leaders that collaborate as well as act with integrity. We develop our current leaders as well as strive to recruit the right kind of future leaders according to these competencies.

Six competence areas for Huhtamaki leadership were recognized through a thorough process. During 2016, we asked our people around the world what good leadership means for them. We had interviews and workshops where we discussed what kind of leadership helps to create an environment where we get inspired, stay engaged and achieve good results.

To get more concrete, we identified what kinds of behaviors express such leadership in everyday work. Based on this work and background research, the Huhtamaki leadership competence model was formed.



Lead business, lead people and lead yourself

Our leaders need to have the skills, ability and drive to build our business. When leading people and teams, competencies around planning and organizing, inspiring and motivating as well as driving for results are needed. Collaboration and acting with integrity are important for all of us at Huhtamaki. Whether in a leadership role or not, it is important for everyone to lead oneself – take care of one’s own skills, energy level and development.

Competence means having the skill and ability to use it in practice. Our six leadership competencies apply not only to leaders but to all of us at Huhtamaki. Which competencies and behaviors are needed the most in one’s job depends on the role and the tasks.

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