Lean Six Sigma as part of operational excellence

Operational excellence is a company-wide initiative to drive operational efficiency, based on Lean Six Sigma, and building on Huhtamaki’s 10 years of experience from business excellence and continuous improvement programs.

Lean Six Sigma improves performance through cooperation by combining lean manufacturing practices with the Six Sigma process improvement doctrine. The goal in Lean is to eliminate excessive use of resources related to unnecessary transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, over-processing, defects and skills, while Six Sigma aims to reduce inherent process variance. These projects are run by trained project managers called Black Belts (dedicated for leading Lean Six Sigma projects) and Green Belts (working part-time on Lean Six Sigma projects in their function).

Having one toolset gives everyone one language to help reach the aim for operational excellence. This puts the teams in a better position to share resources, learn from one another and share best practices across the organization. With Lean Six Sigma,  Huhtamaki also looks for improvements in resource efficiency in energy, raw material and water use, as well as waste management.

Lean Six Sigma highlights

•    Approximately 500 improvement projects completed in 2016
•    112 active Black Belts and 370 active Green Belts at the end of 2016
•    Two Black Belt training programs: one in Europe and the other one with an Asian focus
•    Black Belt trade fair in Dubai, UAE with 90 participants attending.