Packaging we make

Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing that the products they purchase are sustainable throughout the value chain.

Packaging has an important role in protecting food throughout its value chain. We design our packaging to be effective and safe, and to protect the food product before consumption. Optimal packaging, which is fit for purpose in all stages of the food value chain, establishes a good base for a low environmental impact. To enhance this, we are constantly innovating and renewing our products, for example by taking new raw materials into use, light-weighting the packaging or making recyclability easier for consumers.

Description Ambition KPI Performance 2016
We help our customers meet their sustainability goals by providing safe, fit-for-purpose and environmentally optimal packaging To continuously improve the environmental performance of our packaging without compromising safety, hygiene or suitability for its intended purpose of use. All manufacturing units have an externally certified* hygiene or product safety system in place. 66% of manufacturing units have a certified* hygiene or product safety system in place.


* Certification according to one of the following standards:
BRC/ IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials
AIB Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing
ISO 22000 Food safety management systemPackaging safety is important

Product safety and quality are the most important factors of food packaging. Safety and quality requirements placed on packaging may relate, for example, to the choice of raw material, local food contact regulations or disposal of the packaging after use.

We take these requirements seriously all the way from new product development, including raw material selection, until the chosen disposal option after use. Our approach to improving product safety and quality is based on the systematic implementation of certified quality, product safety, environmental and wood origin chain of custody management systems.