Huhtamaki employs approximately 17 000 employees in 34 countries. The foundation for our People Strategy lies in our values, Code of Conduct and commonly defined Huhtamaki behaviors. Naturally, the objective of the People strategy is to support the execution of our business strategy and to achieve our short- and long-term business targets.

Description Ambition KPI Performance 2016
We value and develop our people and want to offer them equal opportunities for professional growth. We promote fair, healthy and safe working conditions. Long term ambition is zero incidents
Continuous improvement in Lost Workday Incident Frequency.

Enhancing safety and wellbeing of people

Safety at work is highly important in our daily operations and it is continuously enhanced, in particular by striving to impact employees’ attitudes towards safety and by encouraging people to proactive thinking. It is also important to share best practices in occupational safety between segments and to pay attention to timely and thorough reporting of safety incidents and near misses.

The Group’s occupational health and safety performance improved in 2015. During the year, we continued systematic work to identify and eliminate hazards that could potentially lead to incidents and injuries. Projects to identify such hazards were run at many manufacturing units. Corrective actions were created and continued to receive high priority for prompt completion. In particular, the importance of all employees’ individual responsibility for complying with safety instructions and for enhancing the overall workplace safety was emphasized.

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Offering opportunities for professional development

We recognize that continuous success and development of the organization can only be achieved with motivated and committed employees. We encourage our employees to maintain and further evolve their competences by providing possibilities to develop for more demanding tasks.

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Harmonizing our working conditions approach

In addition to workplace safety and professional development, we are looking into developing a united and coherent approach to working conditions for our manufacturing units. While local laws set the minimum requirement for our operations worldwide, we want to better align our practices to ensure a great place to work for our employees, and that we meet our stakeholders’ requirements and international standards.

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