Pravin Desai is responsible for recruitment, where as Mamshell Meyne works in Employee engagement at Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging in India.


Taking a closer look: Mamshell Meyne and Pravin Desai discuss recruitment and career opportunities at Huhtamaki in India

What kind of roles you represent in HR and recruiting? How is your own history with Huhtamaki?

Pravin is overall responsible for recruitment. All our sites in India have local HR function which also looks at recruitment for junior positions. We at the Indian headquarters, Thane, are responsible for recruitment of positions above a particular grade.

We both have been working at the Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging business segment in India for more than 10 years. Pravin is now responsible for direct recruitment.


What are the current needs for employees in India? What kind of people you are looking for?

We have positions in commercial, sales, engineering, operations, business excellence, finance, administration, procurement, supply chain, graphic design, pre-press, printing and conversion roles in addition to positions at operator levels in all our plants. We also have an intake of Fresh MBA from Business schools every year to fill in the future requirements and talent pipeline.  

Most of these intakes would be engineers or specialized in different trades / vocation depending on the functional needs.


In your opinion, what makes Huhtamaki a good employer in India and in the region?

Huhtamaki PPL is known for being the best packaging solutions company in India. We are known for our values, culture and heritage. We are known as a caring organisation for our people. We are also reputed for being an innovative organisation for products and new product development.


What does the future of the company look like regarding people and recruiting?

Getting good quality people is one of our biggest challenges. Competition does not have the best talent in packaging; hence often we go outside the competition for recruiting. Succession and career planning and creating a robust talent pipeline is also emerging as a big challenge.


What is the best way to approach Huhtamaki at your area when looking for work?

Please always start by thinking what you can bring to the company, what value you can add. The you can reach us through

  1. Recruitment consultants
  2. Huhtamaki website
  3. Campus recruitment
  4. Job Fairs
  5. Referrals from former employees and our campus ambassadors