Paper Recycling

Recycling as the ultimate source

Collection and new applications of waste paper is the ultimate source for the sustainable production of molded fiber packaging products made from renewable resources. Working through Huhtamaki Paper Recycling, we maintain control of the process ourselves. At the end of their lifecycle, molded fiber products are recyclable and can be returned to the beginning of the process all over again. The material is not removed from nature or added to nature; in a sense, it has simply been borrowed from nature.

Recyclable paper, offering many levels of quality

Huhtamaki Paper Recycling has set up a fine-mesh recycling network that spans the globe. We have local collection points for paper waste. Recycling processes are carried out at our own locations according to innovative techniques. We use a significant percentage of our recycling paper for our own molded pulp production processes. We also trade various levels of paper quality within Europe and export paper from Europe to the Far East. Our recycling processes are subject to the CEPI standards (Confederation of European Paper Industries) and our Dutch locations are OPK-certified by the Dutch Waste Paper Federation.

Contact details

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Tom Sakkers
Operations Manager
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