Huhtamaki launches Premium egg carton 'NestPack 4' in partnership with Fattoria Roberti egg producer.

Fattoria Roberti and Huhtamaki have collaborated closely together to re-style Centrale del Latte Brescia's egg brand with the help of Huhtamaki's new Premium egg carton. Compared to the traditional Italian plastic egg cartons and cardboard sleeve, the eye catching green color gives Centrale Del Latte di Brescia eggs a totally different look, ensuring that it catches the consumers' eye whilst on the supermarket shelves.

NestPack maximizes sustainability and reduces egg wastage through its new distinctive T-shape and optimized cell structure.

The benefits of molded fiber cartons include, they are made from a renewable source, produced exclusively from recovered recycled fiber and the cartons are biodegradable and compostable. Huhtamaki understands the importance of protecting valuable resources for our future.

"Huhtamaki is proud to bring such an innovative and sustainable product to the market and it's our pleasure to do so with Fattoria Roberti, an Italian family business that has loyal history of supporting Huhtamaki over many years". – Stéphane Renaud (Huhtamaki South Europe Sales Manager) on behalf of Fabrizio Fin (Huhtamaki sales agent for the Italian area) and himself.

"This will give us an opportunity to refresh supermarket shelves with this new design of egg cartons which is revolutionary compared to all the other egg cartons in Italy, which are mainly plastic egg cartons + cardboard sleeves." – Mr. Vittorio Roberti (General Manager Fattoria Roberti). "With this new NestPack4 we are confident that Centrale del Latte di Brescia eggs sales will benefit and will be successful amongst consumers". –  Mr. Antonio Trifilò (Sales & Marketing Manager).