FulVue Fruit Trays

FulVue is a perfect molded fiber solution for fruit that deserves extra protection and attractive presentation. This includes apples, pears, kiwis and various  stone fruits (plums, peaches, etc.). A clever design provides additional  protection to the fruit and allows excellent presentation.

Product range

Fulvue - 0Fulvue - 1Fulvue - 1.5Fulvue - 2Fulvue - 2.5Fulvue - 3Fulvue - 3CSFFulvue - 4 CABFulvue - 4 C SFBFulvue - 4 Cavity pearFulvue - 4 Cavity appleFulvue - 4 Cavity kiwiFulvue - 4 Cavity stonefruit

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