William R. Barker


Born 1949, U.S. citizen

Independent of the Company and significant shareholders

Starting date: March 24, 2010

Board committees: Member of the Human Resources Committee

Main occupation: Miscellaneous positions of trust

Education: MBA and B.Sc. (Chem. Eng.)

Primary working experience:

Milacron LLC, Executive Vice President (2013–2014);

Mold-Masters (2007) Limited, President and CEO (2010–2013);

The Whitehawk Group LLC, CEO (2009–2010);

Rexam PLC, Board member and Rexam Beverage Can, Group Executive Director (2005–2009);

Rexam Beverage Can Americas, President & CEO (2001–2004); Textron, Inc., President, Textron Fastening Systems - Commercial Solutions (2000–2001);

OEA Inc., President, OEA Automotive Safety Products (1998–2000);

Bosal International N.V., President, Bosal North America (1995–1998);

Gates Rubber Company, Vice President, Gates Power Drive Products, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Operations and other positions (1972–1995)

Key positions of trust:

Davis-Standard, LLC, Board member (2022–);

Shield Holdco LLC (holding company of Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.), Chairman of the Board (2014–2019)  and Board member (2014–);

Shape Technologies Group, Inc., Chairman of the Board (2015–2019) and Board member (2015–2019);

Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Board member (2008–2018);

The Carlstar Group LLC., Board member (2014–2017);

Mcron Acquisition Corporation, Board Member (2013–2014);

Mold-Masters (2007) Limited, Board member (2010–2013);

Rexam PLC, Board member (2005–2009)