Product safety and food waste prevention


Packaging secures hygiene, food availability and food safety for consumers around the globe. Managing product safety is essential in our business when delivering material that will be in contact with food. Product safety is non-negotiable and managing food contact safety is at the core of sustainable packaging solutions for food.

We are committed to providing safe, fit-for-purpose and high-quality packaging products to food and drink packaging customers globally. Each Huhtamaki product meets high quality and food safety standards that give our customers and their customers, the consumers, confidence in our products. Our approach to food safety covers the entire supply chain. Proactive communication between all parties in the value chain regarding raw materials, compositions and intended use of the final food packaging is essential when we design our products.

In addition, packaging plays an instrumental role in reducing food waste, which remains by far the biggest environmental impact from food systems on climate change. 25 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from food systems and one-third of food produced is lost or wasted. This is where well-designed packaging can help, by preserving food for longer, improving food safety and preventing food waste.