By the end of 2020, we produce more, with less impact on the environment per unit of production.


Performance in 2019

Natural Resource Plan (KPIs under development)

New waste approach was piloted in 20 manufacturing units

All plants in water stressed areas have a water management plan

Water risks were re-assessed based on latest data, and pilot projects were agreed

Our energy efficiency in relation to production output has improved by 16% over the past five years. More than 70% of total greenhouse gas emissions generated by our operations originate from purchased electricity. The indirect CO2 emissions are highly dependent on the mix of the energy sources available in the operating countries’ national energy grids.

The main raw materials used include paperboard, recycled paper and plastic polymers. Paperboard and recycled fiber constituted 63% of the used material in 2018.

In our operations, water is mainly used in the manufacture of fiber packaging and as cooling water. The amount of water used in absolute terms is limited, but due to scarce water resources in some areas where we operate, we consider water as a material aspect in our Packaging for Good program.

In 2018, we started work on the Natural Resource Plan, a cross-segment project to further improve our efficiency, minimize our impact on the environment and find new business opportunities. In the ongoing work, we will reset targets and complement the key performance indicators (KPIs) for our natural resource use: raw materials, water and energy.

Following figures are based on 2018 data.