By the end of 2020, our customers see Huhtamaki as a most trusted partner to deliver and innovate on sustainability and food safety


Performance in 2019

All our products comply with Huhtamaki's Global Food Safety Policy

New Global Food Safety Manager in place, focus was on continuous improvement
of systems and processes

Zero food contact compliance related claims reported

There were zero significant incidents of non-compliance reported

Product innovation (KPIs under development)

Significant innovations in Fresh, blueloop and paper straws

We manufacture fit-for-purpose packaging from responsibly sourced raw materials, including renewable and recycled materials. Food contact packaging has to be optimized and meet several safety requirements. It also has a very important role to play in the life cycle of packed food. By protecting the food it contains, packaging helps to reduce food waste.

Huhtamaki manufactures all food contact packaging under safe and controlled hygienic environment. Prior to introducing raw materials in production, the suitability for food contact and intended purpose of use is evaluated. The finished articles go through rigorous quality control process and are tested in accordance with the legal requirements. Quality and hygiene management systems, such as ISO9001 and BRC, provide a solid base for securing manufacturing consistency.