By the end of 2020, our work culture and reputation as a responsible employer make us a desired place to work


Performance in 2019

Employee Engagement index > 70%

Employee Engagement index was 74% in 2019 survey

Huhtamaki Group Lost Time Incident Rate: 1.7

LTIR was 2.1. The focus is on hitting our target in 2020 and developing a roadmap beyond 2020.

Community programs in place at site level and Group level

Work concentrated on donation projects for 2020 as part of Huhtamaki 100 year celebrations

At the core of the People pillar are our values, Code of Conduct and Huhtamaki Leadership competencies. We aim to provide all our employees with a safe workplace, development opportunities, as well as systematic performance and talent management and succession planning.

Huhtamaki health and safety

Occupational health and safety is a top priority for us in Huhtamaki.

Our ambition is to be best in class in our health and safety results and have safety as part of our DNA.

Our target is to embed safety in our everyday business. As a result, employees work safely and the number of serious incidents is sustained at, or close to, zero.

Effective health and safety management is a key business enabler

Huhtamaki is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and all those who visit or work on its premises. Huhtamaki therefore manages its business in a way that is designed to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of health and safety which are reasonably achievable throughout our global operations.

A safe and healthy work environment empowers our people to the highest levels of performance

A safe, healthy and well-planned business environment is important to the long-term sustainable growth of our business. As a business, we acknowledge the collective and individual roles played by each employee in providing health and safety leadership within their areas of responsibility.

Safety performance and health indicators are key elements at attracting and retaining the best people

Occupational health and safety is a key element in our Huhtamaki strategy as we work with all employees and partners on developing our culture, capability, processes and systems to support a safe and healthy workplace. 

Employee engagement is crucial to Huhtamaki's continued success

Our global employee engagement survey is conducted every second year to identify the key areas that affect employee engagement at Huhtamaki. The latest survey was conducted in 2019 and the results gave reasons to be proud. Each business unit has identified key areas for improvement and is monitoring the progress.

Following figures are based on 2018 data.