Our people


Engaged and motivated employees

To ensure the implementation of our 2030 Strategy, we aim to create a safe, engaging and high-performance culture by encouraging our employees to act according to our values Care Dare Deliver. Our functional people processes and solutions support the business to reach strategic and operational targets. Our data analysis and digital workplace tools help us make informed decisions and enables employees to succeed in their work.

We are guided by our values and our Global Code of Conduct

We have established Global Huhtamaki Working Conditions Requirements on ethics, employment and occupational health and safety practices, adherence to which is mandatory across our organization. The requirements follow the principles set out by the International Labour Organization, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Ethical Trading Initiative.

We listen to feedback from our employees in many ways add_circle_outline

Our Connect Survey, conducted every two years globally, helps us to collect feedback on how successful we are in building a high-performance workplace and culture. Our response rate was 79% in 2021 compared to previous survey’s record high rate of 88% in 2029. We follow three key indices: engagement, enablement and leadership. Compared to 2019, the engagement index has dropped slightly (from 75% to 73%) whilst enablement stayed the same (76%) and the leadership index increased (76% to 77%).

The excellent results displayed under the leadership index are thanks to our People Leaders at all levels across the business who have done outstanding work in advancing integrity, a sense of fairness and direction amidst the challenges of the pandemic and several organizational changes.

We have identified performance management, resources, diversity and career opportunities as our global focus areas going forward. Teams have gone through their results with managers and started to plan actions for their areas of improvements. Teams are also encouraged to select at least one strength they want to maintain.

We believe in the fair treatment of employees add_circle_outline

Most of our employment-related processes are managed digitally and are therefore standardized and transparent to the extent possible. According to the results of a third-party evaluation, for example, the compensation structure at Huhtamaki has been found to treat men and women fairly equally in terms of career advancement and pay. Pay growth and career opportunities are equal among men and women, and promotions do not favor either gender.

We encourage learning and development add_circle_outline

To build the strategic capabilities – in areas such as long-term innovation and digitalization – required to meet tomorrow’s challenges, we must nurture the potential of our people and continue to create a high-performance culture. We invite our people to clarify their own career aspirations, share knowledge in networks and appreciate feedback as a method of learning.

In addition to classroom trainings, we believe that seizing opportunities, growing with experience and taking on challenging assignments are exciting and motivating ways for development. During the COVID-pandemic, we have provided our people with opportunities to take charge of their own careers by broadening their own skills through various virtual training programs and virtual learning tools.

We embrace diversity and inclusion add_circle_outline

We are building diversity into the ways we work and behave. We believe that diverse teams are fuel for innovation. Diversity at Huhtamaki is not seen only in terms of demographics, with similarities or differences in characteristics such as gender, age, ethnicity, education, and profession. It is also about cognitive diversity, in other words similarities or differences in how we see things, what perspectives we have, and how we approach problems. Inviting and accepting everyone for who they are is key to providing emotional safety, which in turn has a direct impact on productivity.