Our performance

We see sustainability as a key differentiator. Our work in the Packaging for Good program, launched in 2018, has been the founding block for our 2030 sustainability ambition. Going forward, delivering on our 2030 sustainability ambition will set the pace and framework for how we embed sustainability across our organization.

Sustainability dashboard

To help us stay true to our ambition, we have developed a global sustainability dashboard with a selection of key performance indicators. These key performance indicators reflect our entire ESG agenda. The global dashboard is used regularly to communicate our performance against our commitments to external stakeholders.

Read more in the Sustainability Performance supplement in the 2020 Annual Report

Our sustainability dashboard and 2020 performance

A selection of our key performance indicators that reflect our entire ESG agenda

Health and safety


Renewable or recycled materials

% of total materials


Renewable electricity

% of total electricity consumed


Non-hazardous waste recycled

% of total non-hazardous waste


Greenhouse gas emissions

t CO2e


Waste to landfill

% of total waste


Water management plans

available in number of sites


Certified or recycled fiber

% of fiber-based raw materials