Welcome to the website dedicated to work at Huhtamaki Foodservice Poland

If you are interested in working for our company, please get yourself acquainted with the information below.

Huhtamaki Foodservice Poland is a subsidiary company of the Huhtamaki Group with an established position on the global market in the packaging industry, and with about 350 employees.

Our company objective is to participate actively in the market by:

  • understanding our customers' needs,

 • providing products that meet the highest quality standards,

 • continuous improvement in the internal business operation.

However, what we want to convey here is not dry facts, but brief information about the core values of the company, thanks to which our employees have been with us for so many years.

We build an environment of "working with passion"!

"Huhtamaki Foodservice Poland" first of all stands for 'ethics in management'. We build the culture of our organisation on the basis of straightforward and clear communication, promoting good work atmosphere and relationships between employees.

We strive to achieve our goals together!

We believe in the intellectual potential of our employees, which is the driving force of our company.

Equality of rights is our motto in the area of both recruitment and employment, as well as in the development and promotion of our employees. We realise that the success of the organisation can be achieved thanks to people and their competence, and therefore our policy is to support a program of a continuous development of our personnel. We want our employees to derive satisfaction from their work, and that is why we establish uniform values, support and motivate our employees, and the new challenges we set for them are a strong component of the business development.

We focus on knowledge!

An aware employee is a motivated employee. Therefore, we offer our employees numerous training courses and studies, and, taking into account the international nature of the group, we also run language courses for them.

If you want to join our team, please feel invited to familiarise yourself with our open positions! 

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