Future friendly packaging which promotes high functionality and a low impact on the environment

Bioware is Huhtamaki's future friendly packaging concept. The products are made from renewable natural materials and are designed to decompose completely in industrial composting conditions. 

Huhtamaki Henderson's Bioware range is ideal for use at events where waste is managed by the event organiser to ensure the packaging is disposed of in an industrial compost. 

The Bioware Products available from Huhtamaki Henderson include hot cups and lids, cutlery, plates, bowls and fresh food packaging. 

Huhtamaki Henderson supplies products which meet the strict EN13432 certification for composting. Disposal options in New Zealand are limited, the compostable plastic products must be disposed of in an industrial composter to reach the temperatures necessary for complete decomposition. 


What does Bioware future friendly packaging offer you?

In addition to high performance and aesthetics:

  • - A simple way of contibuting to a more sustainable future
  • - A visiable demonstration of environmental awareness
  • - Corporate and brand image improvement
  • - Differentiation amongst your competitors
  • - To be seen as an innovator with new future friendly packaging solutions


The same advantages as normal single-use products:

  • - Food safe
  • - Strong and durable
  • - Faster and more focused customer service