Durability meets sustainability

Discover the aluminium-free advantage with Protect+; a sealed edge pouch with outstanding barrier properties. It outperforms the aluminium-based alternatives while reducing your environmental footprint. Light and highly resistant to punctures, Protect+ offers excellent machinability and flexural stiffness plus a smooth and controlled opening motion.

The Huhtamaki advantage

  • Protects your products from oxygen and moisture
  • Highly resistant to punctures
  • Lower weight reduces costs
  • Cheaper to dispose of (e.g. in the German dual system)
  • Requires no modification of packing machines
  • Tears open cleanly and easily, in a straight line
  • Improved sealing properties than traditional aluminium laminates
  • Excellent machinability without building up electrostatic charge
  • Finished pouch can be put through a metal detector
  • Functional barrier to mineral oil migration
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