Hot food boxes

Our versatile Kraft, fiber-based food boxes are perfect for hot and cold meals or snacks. For serve over, hot cabinet, takeaway and delivery use. Our widespread material base and manufacturing capabilities means our range comprises different fiber based solutions.

Changes in consumer behaviours and daily routines means the food service landscape is continuously adjusting to meet consumer needs. Subsequently, the increased adoption of delivery continues as consumers order from the comfort of their own home, getting their favourite foods delivered directly to their door.

Hot sandwiches and wraps

Our fluted Taste pillowpacks with grease resistant lining are perfect for customers wanting to eat hot sandwiches on the go or delivered to their place of work or home. The range of 3 sandwich packs matches the market demand for sizes of toasties, paninis and hot wraps.

Taste pillowpacks aren’t like many others on the market, ours are ovenable up to 220°C for 30 minutes and microwaveable so food can be cooked or heated in the pack and perfect for hot cabinet use. The distinctive fluted material provides excellent insulation and heat retention properties which keep the food product hotter for longer.

Hot box with lid

Our Taste hot box with PET lining is ideally suited to meet the continuing growth in the takeaway hot food market. The base is dual ovenable so food can be prepared, packed and cooked from scratch, all inside the hot box base, up to 220 C for 30 minutes or meals can be reheated before eating.

With a choice of different lids to combine with the base, our Taste Hot Box and Lid are the perfect pack for hot meals whatever the time of day.

Bespoke corrugated packaging

Scouring the market for new materials and techniques allows us to be at the forefront of the industry and remain consistently innovative. Unlike many large corrugators, we specialise in niche markets and bespoke products, using lightweight specialist papers we aim to provide our customers with the ideal solution for their individual problem.