Plastic free and recyclable choice

Made with molded fiber from recovered paper, Smilepack is a totally paper fibers-based replacement for PET or foam-based egg packaging.  

Designed for US retail shelves

Tailored for existing retail shelves in the US market and meets the functional and sustainability needs of packaging eggs in Brazil and USA.


More impactful on shelves

Colorful and attractive packaging with up to 10% more space on the label helps the eggs and cartons stand out in the eyes of the consumers.

Easy to stack and retrieve

The cartons fit seamlessly onto existing outer crates which can be placed directly on store shelves. The cartons provide secure, durable packaging that keeps eggs fresher longer.

High-quality egg packaging

High-quality packaging ensures hygiene and food safety while preventing food waste and optimizing the use of space in logisticsEggs remain fresher for longer in fiber-based egg cartons when compared to plastic or foam-based alternatives.  

Stand out and say more

Smilepack cartons are available in different eye-catching colors. The labels offer up to 10% more billboard space on the label when compared to current plastic alternatives. That means more opportunities to deliver product information and marketing messages to consumers. 

Make the switch

Switch to Smilepack egg cartons and eliminate plastics from your egg packaging. The cartons are made from fibers recovered from used paper which are sustainable materials. The cartons are recyclable and home compostable. 

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?