MixLid+, PeelLid+ & FruitLid+

MixLid+, PeelLid+ & FruitLid+

As one of the world´s leading producers of food and beverage packaging, Huhtamaki has launched several laminates for lidding applications: MixLid+, PeelLid+ and FruitLid+.


The improved MixLid+ is an extrusion laminated and coated paper/met PET laminate. Thus, the unprinted base laminate is free from residual solvents. Whilst the new structure improves printability and machinability compared to current standards.

  • Improved machinability
  • Optimal sealing (also at reduced temperatures)
  • Very good printability
  • Sealable against many materials e.g. PP, PE, PS, glass or aluminium
  • Cost efficient versus current market standards



PeelLid+ is a new laminate for lidding applications developed by Huhtamaki, a worldleading manufacturer of food and beverage packaging. PeelLid+ aids greater production efficiency on your machines with improved functional properties at the same time.
Our Goal: avoid potential direct contact of residual solvents with your product.

  • Available as base laminate or die cuts
  • Newly developed extrusion layer peels very smoothly without “angel hair”
  • Improved machinability
  • Optimum sealing (even at lower temperatures)
  • Very good printability
  • Sealable against countless materials such as PP, PE, PS, glass and aluminium
  • More cost effective than market standard



When dealing with fruit products you can’t leave anything to chance. Our lidding laminates keep the product safe in everything from hot fill applications to retorted products. The convenient easy peel opening enhances your packing to put your fruit in focus!

Our lidding laminates are made from an innovative material that’s both gentle and incredibly tough. They’re highly transparent, soft and easy to peel, and yet they create an impenetrable barrier between the contents of your product and the outside world.

  • Protects your product from oxygen and moisture
  • Performs up to the highest retort temperatures
  • Aluminium-free: no metals in the finished product
  • Easy to use, with a clean and smooth peel
  • Available in highly transparent versions
  • Suitable for high-resolution rotogravure and offset printing
  • Ideal for displaying promotions or product information
  • Long shelf life of retorted products, from 12 to 18 months in ambient temperatures
  • Strictly conforms to international food compliance guidelines for migrations