Packaging that opens up new worlds. Feel it. Explore it. Recycle it.

Packaging that opens up new worlds. Feel it. Explore it. Recycle it.

Let’s start the new normal in healthcare packaging

We’re delighted to present our sustainable blueloop Healthcare laminates! In line with our commitment to sustainability and innovation, our focus is to develop alternatives to existing composites that contain aluminium and are based on polyolefins,
i.e. PP and PE Mix, or monostructures, i.e. pure PE or PP composites.

We can offer various tried and tested alternatives as follows:

  • OPP/metOPP/PE film – adhesive-laminated
  • OPP/PE/metOPP/PE – extrusion-laminated and coated

To enable you to convert your production processes quickly, we’ve already successfully tested these new materials on various standard machines in advance, ranging from stick pack and flow pack machines, all the way through to sachet machines. This means there’s nothing to stop your company from using these materials. Sample materials are also available at short notice – both printed and unprinted.

One thing particularly worth noting is that the materials are classified as recyclable in accordance with the latest CEFLEX guidelines. If disposed of correctly, this means that the Huhtamaki blueloop material can be recycled.

Our blueloop health care laminates at a glance:

  • Recyclable
  • High barrier achievable
  • Chemical resistance possible as an option
  • Rapid availability of sample materials
  • Machinability tested

To comply with food legislation, the recycled material cannot be reused for packaging foodstuff or pharmaceutical products. However, “downcycling” enables other plastic
products to be used in a variety of different ways. The recycled material can be used to make flowerpots or packaging that doesn’t come into contact with the product, for example, which saves valuable fossil resources, as no new material is used during production.

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