Everyone loves sweets, no matter what social class or age group. Chocolates and sweets put us in a good mood, tempt us to have a little snack. They are satisfying the need for something sweet and are popular gifts for many occasions. The world of confectionery is colourful and diverse – just as packaging should be in this field. From squeaky chewing gum to creamy sweets or sophisticated dark chocolate, all of these products require appropriate packaging.
The goal here is to keep functionality in mind as well as the visual presentation; the flavour must be preserved and should also remain undiminished after the packaging has been opened. After all, confectionery is often not consumed all at once, hanging around in the packet for a while before being eaten up. At Huhtamaki we offer solutions that meet all of these demands.

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Our support for the world of sweets

We know how important attractive design is when it comes to influencing the customer’s purchasing decision. We keep the unmistakable look of the confectionery world in mind when drawing up packaging designs. We take particular care to retain the delicious flavour of the sweet treats whilst at the same time doing justice to the packaging design.
At Huhtamaki we are always working to implement new ideas in this field – such as eye-catching printing options, new haptic ideas or other special features like a natural look – and to further improve packaging.
Many new concepts have already been generated by us here; for the confectioneries & chocolates sector we offer conventional and contemporary technologies i.e. heat and cold seal packs in aluminium foil or high barrier metalized films. For large chocolate bars, we have today mastered snap open and re-sealable cold seal and for candies or gummi bears we offer our Integrated reclose solutions that allows you to close the bag easily after opening.
Which of our packaging concepts will you choose to sweeten your product?



Our product offering: 

  • Value added flowpack
  • Flowpack
  • Stand-up pouches