Ready Meals

We are living in a time in which the busy everyday lives of many people, both professionally and privately, are tightly scheduled. In addition, traditional family households are dwindling and the number of single households is constantly on the rise. All of this means that we require different things from our food: it should be tasty – of course! – but above all we want our meals on the plate in a few minutes without a lot of work.

Ready meals have to be affordable, simple and easy to prepare, be appetising and provide all of the important information at a glance. This means that the packaging has to work hard: Can I store the product for a long time? How many portions does it contain? Can I easily open it? How is the product prepared and what does it look like? Is it ready to eat?

It’s important to set yourself apart as a brand and grab the attention of the consumer at the PoS. To achieve this you need an innovative and carefully thought out packaging concept which we develop here at Huhtamaki. We ensure that the finished dish retains its flavour in the packaging, that shelf life is extended and that the packaging triggers the purchasing impulse in the consumer. We produce state-of-the-art packaging for consumer products while meeting highest quality standards in order to keep up with the constantly changing lifestyle and eating habits of our modern society.

We are up to date in producing packaging for today's future

Huhtamaki benefits from years of experience in the food sector and has established itself as the global market leader in this area. We act with trends, make use of opportunities arising from change and with singular ambition pursue our objective of improving packaging for ready meals. Our portfolio is comprehensive: retort laminates/pouches in foil and transparent barrier structures with easy tear option offer the right solution in the growing convenience market. Additionally, you can get eye catching shaped pouches with textured lacquer options which are sterilisable and microwavable. All our laminates are low weight, and have high resilience against puncturing from pelleted or sharp contents. They’re all tasty options, which one will you choose?



Our product offering: 

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Coldforming laminates
  • Lids/lidding laminates