Wet petfood packaging

Pets: for us they are faithful companions, best friends and established members of many families. It’s impossible to imagine everyday life without them – and the same goes for mealtimes. When we eat, Rover or Fluffy should get something too. Ideally in the form of delicious and balanced pet food. And for that we need clever and practical packaging! Huhtamaki is working on the development of suitable products to ensure that wet foods are always perfectly off stored and can be fed fresh to our pets.


Opening new dimensions for pouches

We are the market leader in this segment for retort pouches meant for single use and ready-to-eat petfood packaging. We provide high barrier laminates and pouches, in aluminium foil and non-foil transparent structures.Terolen® is one of our great achievements and is successfully used in the petfood sector around the world. It allows straight and easy opening, so the consumer does not need scissors and keeps the hands clean. What would your customers prefer?



Our product offering:

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Easy-opening stand-up pouches (Terolen ®)