Proof and print

To safeguard the results in edition printing, we produce via the "proof" and the print advance results. The challenge with this is the simulation of the later print, material and machine specific influences, which have a significant influence on the print result. The requirement for the highest possible confirmation to the later print lies with the calibration of all devices used, in the profiling of device specific factors and in the standardisation of the parameters and sequences in the whole process.

Newest technologies (e.g. finger printing) and permanent checks of the devices and profiles ensure our high fidelity in the proofs or prints created. Furthermore, even quality assurance steps which are time consuming as a rule, can be accelerated using the remote proof procedure (transferring the data to a profiled device at the customer's site), so that in this way, we can comply with the requirements for faster co-ordination and prepress processes.


At a glance: 

  • Remote proofing
  • Own colorimetry for the print
  • Print with original colours on original substrate
  • Final print approval bindingly possible via print
  • Working out special colours for repro/print
  • Pattern preparation (lamination simulation, metallic colours)
  • Quality control for every print plate
  • High standardisation
  • Highly qualified, experienced personnel