Soup pouches & soup cube wrappers

Soups are a quick and healthy snacking option today, given the lack of time and hectic working lifestyle. Soup products need to have an appealing and appetising appearance to be picked from the shelf by the consumer. Our packaging material for soups and sauces is specially engineered to be compatible with aggressive products and acidic nature of the food.

We offer high-performance, domestically manufactured materials that withstand thermal sterilization of shelf stable soups & sauces. We preserve the product’s taste by using high barrier structures. Our packaging keeps the freshness and taste of the soup and sauces lively.


The attractiveness of such packaging primarily depends on its high-quality print finish and a smooth surface.Ready-to-eat, liquid or dry, irrespective of its form, our high standard packaging retains the taste of the soup and helps preserve it for a longer time.

Available in pre-made liquid pouches, rollstock laminates and lids, our retort packaging delivers significant savings to the customer in warehousing space and shipping costs as compared to metal cans and jars.

You can choose from a range of shapes, sizes and levels of barrier properties to best fit your applications. Combined with easy peel or easy tear sealant characteristics, you can get an edge over other similar products on the market shelf.


Our product offering:

  • Pouches for dehydrated products
  • Stand-up pouches for standard and retortable applications
  • Lids/lidding laminates
  • Soup cube wrappers


Our product offering:

  • Primary packaging laminates
  • Single serve sachets
  • Thermoformable solutions
  • Shaped Pouches
  • Stand Up Pouches
  • PS Labels for bottles
  • Shrink Sleeves for bottles
  • Thermoformed tray & lidding films

Our product offering:

  • Laminates and pouches for soups, sauces as well as Ketchup
  • Laminates and pouches for seasoning, spices and curry paste
  • Laminates and pouches for MSG with embossing

Other information: 

We develops suitable packaging for all kinds of soups, sauces and seasoning. The product shown on the pack has to look attractive and appetizing on the supermarket shelf. The appeal of the pack therefore plays a crucial role, which is determined to a very large extent by an impressive print motif, high gloss and a smooth surface. We works constantly on optimizing the pack for dried soups that has been firmly established for a long time now, e.g. launching the twin-chamber pack.

Our product offering: 

  • Tomato Ketchup & Tomato Paste packaging solutions
  • Mayonnaise packaging solutions
  • Dehydrated soup pouches
  • Soup cube wrappers
  • Meal makers & Taste makers
  • Hot fill or hot juice packaging solutions

Our product offering: 

  • Laminated and Premade Bag for Mayonnaise
  • Laminated and Premade Bag for Recipe Bases
  • Laminated and Premade Bag for Ketchup