Eggs, vegetables and fresh produce

Welcome to Huhtamaki Fiber Packaging! Our global business provides you with safe and recyclable molded fiber packaging for eggs, fruit and other fresh produce. Partner with us for strong customer service, innovation and commitment to the environment.

Egg packaging

We have a wide selection of egg carton packaging made from recovered fiber. Our products include egg cartons with hinged lids, egg trays of different sizes and also cartons made using our innovative Greenest material.

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Wine dividers

Our range of wine bottle dividers is designed to protect wine bottles on their way to consumers. The wine bottle dividers are specially adapted to ensure safe and damage-free export in wooden and carton boxes.

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Cup carriers

We offer a wide variety of cup-carriers known for their industry-leading quality and strength. These are very popular for use with takeaway cups for hot beverages, available in a variety of designs for multi-cup usage and ensure that the cups stay secure within the carrier.

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Fruit packaging

Our fruits trays are made from 100% pre-consumer recycled paper fiber. The molded fiber fruit trays are designed for the crate & box packaging, transportation and safe storage of every conceivable type of fruit or different types of fresh produce.

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