World-leading food and beverage packaging manufacturer Huhtamaki presents its latest advanced material composition: PouchPack+, a pouch laminate characterised above all by high retort sterilisation resistance and a wide processing window. Huhtamaki is also a highly flexible partner thanks to our unique supply chain concept.

Perfect material, many advantages

PouchPack+ is a retort sterilisable laminate pouch which is available in transparent, aluminium-free and aluminium-based versions. It is suitable for all common packaging machines. Even with thermal sterilisation applications up to 129°C, the material composition always ensures excellent barrier properties and strength values.


Other benefits of PouchPack+

  • Excellent seal strength with a wide sealing range
  • Excellent sealing ability, both thermally and with ultrasound
  • Minimal crease-whitening (with aluminium-free structure)
  • Maximum transparency (with aluminium-free structure)
  • Phthalate-free composite film
  • With additional opening and tear aids (Terolen or lasers)
  • Available on reel or as ready-made pouches
  • Available in all common pouch formats
  • Custom shapes can also be created on request
  • Highly flexible supply thanks to our supply chain concept


The modular system is the basis for our supply chain concept:

  • Highly flexible with regard to delivery times
  • New designs are available quickly
  • Huhtamaki standards are tested and qualified by machine manufacturers
  • Trial samples are available quickly
  • Small series for market launches are available at short notice in commercial quality
  • Marketing mock-ups made from original material