Why choose molded fiber?

There are many reasons why molded fiber packaging is the optimum alternative for transporting, storing and displaying your products. Please click the below links to read more about the benefits of molded fiber.

Consumers prefer fiber-based packaging add_circle_outline

Molded fiber convinces consumers with its many qualities. It can be used to manufacture packaging that is funtional, protective, pleasant to touch and environmentally friendly.

Its main material, recycled fiber makes molded fiber packaging a responsible choice.  After use, the molded fiber packaging can be easily recycled and then reused or composted.

Molded fiber packaging is renewable and recyclable add_circle_outline

The main source of molded fiber products is wood fiber, coming to the process as recycled newspaper or other used paper products. Alternative potential fiber sources are plants such as leaves and grass. All of these sources are renewable.

High quality fiber can be used up to seven times before it loses its strength. For example, a used paper cup can after recycling be converted into an egg tray, then a cup carrier, then a wine bottle protector etc.

Not only is the paper we use 100% recycled, but our packaging products can at their end-of-life again be recycled and returned to the waste paper stream. Molded fiber packaging meets the requirements of a closed material loop.

Molded fiber can be composted add_circle_outline

Molded fiber products can be composted after use. Their main raw material is wood fiber and they can be turned into soil in a composting process. Our products have no negative influence on the composting process and compost quality. 

They are also OK Home compostable.

Maximum protection add_circle_outline

Molded fiber products are known for their protective properties. They combine rigidity and ideal cushioning performance with excellent shock absorbency for optimal protection. In addition, molded fiber is moisture absorbent and allows your delicate produce to breathe.

This is why molded fiber can be used to packing eggs, fruit and protecting wine bottles.