Fragrance & Skincare Liners

HBCP has the experience of working with some of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. Our expertise allows us to design and manufacture cost-effective packaging solutions for both manual or automated filling, packaging that both maximise the protection of fragrance and skincare products as well enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the finished product.

Fragrance Liners

Corrugated inserts protecting both the product during transit as well as enhancing the finished product in-store.

Protective Carriers

Our corrugated carriers provide excellent protection for expensive cosmetic bottles and candle products, reducing breakages and product damage in transit.

Candle and Diffuser Packaging

Creative and robust packaging suitable for candle and diffusers packs and gift sets.

Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Unique designs providing solutions to packaging multiple kinds of retail items, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic.

E-Commerce Shippers

Protective bespoke packaging shippers aimed to protect the most delicate or valuable of products.