Recyclable Cups

All of the cups manufactured by Huhtamaki in the UK are either recyclable or our Bioware paper cups are certified as compostable in industrial composting facilities (EN13432). Huhtamaki's PE coated paper cups are recyclable in the UK. There is a growing and accessible recycling infrastructure with more than 4,500 paper cup recycling points available to consumers in the UK through ACE UK Bring Banks and many national retailers taking all brands at in-store takeback opportunities. There is a wide range of national and regional waste contractors and specialist cup recycling schemes having cup programmes and opportunities via post back schemes.

Recycle your cup instore

A number of high street stores offer cup recycling. For instance, you can take your used paper cup to any Costa Coffee or McDonalds nationwide, for it to be recycled as well as a growing number of Starbucks, Pret A Manager and Caffe Nero stores.

Recycle your cup at a local community Bring Bank

ACE UK owns and manages a network of 430 Bring Banks in over 115 local authorities across the UK and has been collecting and reprocessing beverage/juice cartons for many years. You can now take your used paper cup to any of the Bring Banks and then they will be delivered to ACE UK's reprocessing facility for recycling.

Business collection to recycle your cups

There is a growing number of regional and national waste management companies who provide cup collections services from businesses.

Here are details of some of the current cup recycling initiatives and waste contractors and more and more are being developed and implemented. In the first instance please contact your existing waste contractor.

First Mile

First Mile provide a simple, low cost recycling and waste services for businesses in London and Birmingham. First Mile are specialists in recycling for offices and work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, retailers and also by working in partnership with Facility Management Teams to deliver outstanding recycling and waste services for valued clients.

Simply Cups

Simply Cups is the UK's only dedicated paper and plastic cup collection and recycling service. They work directly with customers to help segregate the materials, collect, bulk and send our paper cups to reprocessors for recycling.

Simply Cups also offer a post back service which provides an opportunity for organisations generating a small volume of cups and/or on an infrequent basis to participate in the scheme


Veolia are a UK leader in environmental solutions and provide a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services. Veolia work with a number of their clients within the coffee shop and retail sector on recycling initiatives to separate their paper cups from the general waste. Veolia announced that they will collect 120 million paper cups in 2019

James Cropper

CupCycling by James Cropper is the world's first recycling process dedicated to upcycling takeaway paper cups and turning them into beautiful papers. CupCycling is all about collaboration and working with supply chain partners and brands who care about the environment.

DS Smith

DS Smith announced that their state-of-the-art paper mill at Kemsley Mill in Kent has the capacity to recycle up to 2.5 billion paper cups and creating a recyclable material that produces quality fibre outputs to be turned into useful packaging once again.

DS Smith Cup Collection Boxes

DS Smith Coffee Cup Drop Boxes are now on sale and will help businesses to build a sustainable, long-term solution recycling used paper cups. Coffee Cup Drop Boxes can hold up to 700 used cups, and once full, will be collected and taken to DS Smith paper mill for recycling.

Did you know…?

All of Huhtamaki’s products are designed to serve the growing demand for on the go food and drink with responsibly sourced and manufactured products that are designed to minimize environmental impacts across the value chain and we continuously innovate to improve the sustainability of our existing and new products...

We use PEFC certified paperboard from sustainably managed forests

The essential starting point for assessing the environmental performance of packaging is understanding the property requirements set for the packaging throughout its entire life cycle.  Sustainability is an important part of our raw material sourcing.

We are pioneers in use of recycled resin and bioplastics

We were among the first companies in introducing recycled PET and compostable Ingeo PLA into our plastic thermoforming processes for high clarity cold drink cups and food containers. Today we are working actively in finding environmentally sustainable material solutions for hot drink and food applications.