Juice & liquid beverage packaging

Be it breakfast or a study break, during parties or after work-outs, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to grabbing a quick, pick-me-up juice pack or another refreshing drink or shake. Helping us adjust to our hectic lifestyles, health orientations and demanding taste preferences are a curiously large breed of drink manufacturers, squeezing not just fruits but also vegetables to help us practice, at least in part, what we know best, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!”

Ever had apple juice with coconut water, together? Some bold experimenters have even broken tradition and juiced it up a notch by introducing ready-to-drink beverages with truly flavorful tastes and textures. To stand out from the rest, drink manufactures are collaborating with us for innovative and reliable beverage packaging solutions, which safely ensure consumers taste freshness and flavors just the way it is packed for them.

Need inspiration for your drink packaging? Our innovative flexible pouches for juice packing, milk-based drinks and other non-aerated beverages offer shelf-appeal, light-weight and sustainability advantages. These include transport and storage efficiencies, ease of use, improved portability, shelf-optimization, lower material use, packaging waste as well as carbon emissions. We even offer extended pack enhancement solutions through special inks and lacquers to provide shelf-visibility and communicate distinct brand propositions.

Thinking of packing juice in a bottle? Connect with us to help you select the best pick from our range of wrap arounds, shrink sleeves and pressure sensitive labels.



Our product offering: 

  • Shaped pouches for flavoured juices
  • Stand up pouches with closures like spouts
  • Wrap around labels for aerated drinks
  • Can sleeves for juices & aerated drinks
  • Thermoformable single serve packs
  • Shrink sleeves with premium effects for bottles

We offer shaped pouches, thermoforms, can sleeves with eye catching aesthetics, good functionality and convenience.