Shrink sleeve labels

Stand out with distinct shapes & designs

A shrink sleeve label is a heat-sensitive material that shrinks and conforms to the shape of a bottle or container when exposed to heat. Providing full-body or 360-degree print coverage, it is a convenient yet distinct format that is helping products to grab attention, even from a distance.

Shrink sleeves serve brands by transforming product packaging into creative billboards. Its operational efficiency and conformity to even difficult container shapes,  have enabled impactful brand associations for a wide-range of applications, from juice packing or ice-tea packing to homecare and automobile products.

Our shrink sleeves can be customized to meet unique brand promotion, tamper-evidence and pack aesthetic needs. We give you the choice to experiment with special printing effects, textures, limited edition packaging and other pack interaction techniques. Connect with us for more ideas on how to use decorative shrink sleeves to your best advantage.




Our product offering:

  • PET, OPS & PVC shrink sleeves
  • Shrink sleeve with tamper-evidence
  • Shrink sleeves for easy recyclability
  • Pack enhancement solutions through special inks and lacquers
  • Premium finishing effects: matt, metallic, cold & hot foil-stamping, tactile effects, registered holography
  • Unique textures with embossed labels and special varnishes for grainy, satin or any other effect
  • Promotional shrink sleeves with special perforations, back-side printing, unique random codes or variable designs with digital printing