Digital printing solutions

Think Limitless with Digital Printing

Offering unlimited design freedom for brands to deliver personalized and unique engagement with end-consumers. Our HP Indigo 20000 wide-web digital press, takes printing flexibility to a new high for flexible packaging. After all, why should anybody place all their eggs in one basket when it comes to package design?

Be it a festive promotion with personalized chocolate packaging or premium dry fruit packing launched in multiple product-based designs, smart and innovative digital printing enables a realm of new packaging possibilities in terms of variable data printing, short-runs, quick turn-around time and energizing shelf-appeal of flexible pouches and laminates. Delivering high resolution and perfect registration to match gravure printing, with all colours printed in a single pass.

With printing on-demand in virtually any size or quantity, from biscuit packs to large Point-of-sale banners, digital printing is shaping up an essential role in the future of product safety and promotions through flexible packaging, labels and shrink sleeves. Available in roll form or pre-made pouches, this technology offers several advantages over traditional printing technologies, including:

• Test marketing before actual product launch
• Design freedom to create targeted or customized packaging for every product application
• Short time to market
• Direct and on-demand printing
• No requirement of minimum order quantities
• One-to-one consumer engagement with variable QR codes and print designs




Our product offering: 

Digital printing is suitable for any consumer or industrial product that uses flexible packaging and decorative labels. It is ideal for brand owners seeking solutions for:

  • Short-run printing
  • Multiple product variants or SKUs
  • Limited edition packaging
  • Personalized or customized packaging
  • Themed or seasonal consumer engagement
  • Available for wide-web recyclable and non-recyclable laminates, pre-made pouches, pressure sensitive labels, wrap-arounds, shrink sleeves, point of sale banners etc