A big win – Huhtamaki Individual Coding

A big win – Huhtamaki Individual Coding

Open one of thousands of packages, discover the individual code on the inside, redeem it and win – Huhtamaki relies on Individual Coding for such popular prize promotions. With the coding process, each individual package is printed with a different code or an individual message.

Number-letter combinations are just as possible as simple graphic symbols. The individual codes can be printed using two different processes:

Interlayer printing
In a multilayer composite, the code is printed in black between two layers. The printing ink is thus enclosed by layers of film and cannot transfer to the food. To ensure that the code can only be read from the inside, the outer layer must be light-proof and the inner layer transparent.

Printing on the inside
Using inkjet printing inks in red for direct contact that have been approved for use with foodstuffs, as well as separate printing units, multilayer laminates or mono films with a light-proof inner layer can also be individually labeled.

In our printing processes, it is possible to print up to thousand-digit combinations of letters and numbers. The process is also flexible in terms of font size: up to 32-dot information can be printed.

If a more visually appealing variant is required, graphic symbols can also be printed in a dot matrix of 32 x 24 dots can also be applied to the packaging.

All food law requirements are of course taken into account, and nothing stands in the way of effective use of the sweepstakes. For the marketing department, this means great scope for ideas and design, and prompt implementation of wishes. The next World Cup, limited edition, seasonal promotion and many more can come!