Huhtamaki Laser Scoring – refine your product, expand the application possibilities

Huhtamaki Laser Scoring – refine your product, expand the application possibilities

Competition on the supermarket shelf continues to grow and with it the need to stand out from competing products; maximum convenience for the customer is a priority.

Laser scoring can be used to process plastic films quickly and precisely: The laser beam vaporizes certain areas of a plastic sheet. Along the resulting continuous or perforated weakening line, the packaging can be opened easily, intuitively and without tools – so that no more contents are spilled due to uncontrolled tearing.

Flexible materials best suited for laser processing include polyester, OPP and paper. Multilayer laminates are ideal for laser scribing. Laser scribing has the advantage that the material is precisely and uniformly weakened.

Through its own solutions, Huhtamaki can offer films in rolls with integrated laser perforation. An additional production step at the customer’s site is thus unnecessary, and personnel and machine costs are saved.

Not only does the convenience and value of a package increase, but the product inside remains intact, since the functional properties of the flexible film are not affected.

In addition to classic longitudinal applications, our system can also transverse lasering, which enables a wide range of shapes. Thus opening aids can be realized with CO2 lasers – and also haptically tactile shapes in limited quantities, for example for anniversary or special promotions. Counterfeit protection can also be applied with this technology.

Our experience and our output speak for themselves: We offer an enormously high-quality performance.