Specialized pouches

A Packaging solution that “differentiates & appeals”

“What’s appealing on the spot is what one tends to buy”

Our Specialised Pouching Divisions have dedicated facilities for designing and manufacturing world class  specialized  pouches. We use state-of-the-art equipment from across the globe and plant building & infrastructure which is tailored to satisfy stringent HACCP & packaging requirement.  What really makes Specialised Pouching Division a world class pouch making facility are its operating & quality systems driven by highly trained and committed people.
All the above paves the way for attaining the Six Sigma levels in pouch production.

Huhtamaki has a strategic business relationship with a world leader in pick fill seal system enabling customers to get “complete packaging solutions”. We have the expertise in making different types of specialised pouches like:

  • Shaped pouches
  • Stand up pouches with closures like zippers
  • Five panel pouches
  • Stand up pouches with closures like spouts