Barex® alternatives

Barex® alternatives

Huhtamaki is one of the leading flexible packaging producer for pharmaceutical and medical laminates. With our Barex® alternatives we are able to offer you solutions for an inert packaging material. Your benefits: optimal protection for your sensitive products and high packaging expertise.

Our solution – your perfect fit for your product

Our Barex® alternatives could be offered in different material combinations such as
PET / ALU / Barex® alternatives
or Paper / PET / ALU / Barex® alternatives
or others. Together we choose the right sealing layer for your product: TDS or oral film, gel, liquid as well as powder which requires a high chemical resistance.

Further benefits

  • Low absorption of substances (stability of various products already approved)
  • High chemical resistance
  • High barrier to gas and water vapor - Optimal processability for sachets
  • Costs benefit compared to Barex®
  • Child Resistant laminates possible - High market expertise