Paper cold cups and lids

Paper cold cups and lids

From fresh juices and smoothies to creamy caramel frappes, we’ve got the right cup for every cold beverage you serve.  Our paper cold cups are available in a number of attractive designs or can be customised with your own design or logo. Coupled with the cold cup lids, they are great to enjoy cold drinks on the go. You can even engage your customers with special promotions using solutions like labels and Pop and peel codings.

Paper cold cups

Serve your cold drinks in style with our range of double coated paper cold cups. Available in various sizes between 9oz to 32oz and choice of eye catching designs with the possibility of custom printed artworks.

Cold cup lids

Let your customers enjoy their cold drinks on the go, pair our cold cups with lids crafted to fit perfectly on all the standard cold paper cup rim sizes. Our cold cup lids are in use by the top foodservice and beverage brands in the world and are known for their quality and ease of use.